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Has anyone got a good mini mash recipe for a light (low OG) pilsner style
beer?  I'd prefer an ale as the wether is too hot at the moment to produce a
lager, I need something for parties that I can give to the people driving.

PS. Yes, I'm aware that Pilsners are lagers.

Re: Light beer
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Following is an adaptation of my 2nd place blonde ale, with less extract and
less hops to make it a lot lighter.  I must confess, I have not yet actually
tried brewing this recipe specifically, but based on how good my blonde ale
is I imagine it would turn out pretty good.  Expect a little fruitiness from
the warm fermentation.

1 lb roast barley (for color and some flavor)
3.5 lb light dry extract
1 lb rice syrup
0.5 oz Cascade (or try Saaz or whatever you like)
1 tsp Irish moss
2 tablets Beano, crushed (to break down the extract sugars)
Nottingham ale yeast

Steep the roasted barley in 6 quarts distilled water up to 170 F.  Add
extract and hops, boil for 45 minutes.  Add Irish moss, boil for 15 minutes.
Pour into 3 gallons cold distilled water.  Top up to 5 gallons as necessary.
Pitch yeast and Beano, aerate well and ferment at 70 F for 2 weeks.  Rack to
secondary and let settle for another 10 days at 70 F.  Prime with 3/4 cup
corn sugar and bottle.

Let me know how it turns out.  I might have to try this sometime for my
buddies who only drink light beer!

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Genesis, 1973-ish

Re: Light beer
Thanks Dave, just two questions-

What is Beano?
What was the AA of the hops?

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Re: Light beer
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Beano is a dietary supplement, presumably made from bean and vegetable
matter, that you take when you have a bad case of gas.  It contains an
enzyme that breaks down complex sugars into simpler sugars that the yeast is
able to ferment much more easily.  For the purposes of making light beer
from extract, it is essential... it thins it out... otherwise your beer will
end up much too thick and too sweet.  Buy some tablets from your local drug
store, crush a couple of them, and stir it into your wort.

The alpha acid of the Cascade hops I used was around 7%.  A half ounce of
anything between 4% to 9% is probably fine... depends how bitter you want
it.  7% is a happy medium.  Cascade hops may lend a slightly fruity, citrusy
flavor, as opposed to imported Saaz, which would probably be more spicy.
You can use pretty much any kind of hops you like.  It's all a matter of

"Just a drink, a little drink, and I'll be feeling GOOooOOooOOooD!" --  
Genesis, 1973-ish

Re: Light beer
3 lbs Extra Light DME
3 lbs 2-row
.5 lbs Cara pils

1 0z Tettnanger at 5% aau (60 mins)
.5 oz Spaltz at 5% aau (45 mins)
.25 Hallartau at 5% aau ( 15 mins)
1 tablet Whirfloc

1007 Wyeast German Ale Yeast

Bring 5-6 quarts of h20 to around 165 degrees in your brewpot.  Add
grains in grain bag to your brewpot. Pop it in your oven with the lid
on for 1 hour.  Rinse with 4-5 quarts of h20.  Bring to boil.  Add
hops.  Take off of heat and add DME.  Let pasturize for 15-20 mins.

Variations:  Reduce DME by 1 lb and add 1 lb of Corn Sugar instead.
Use only one type of hops but at the same AAU.

After racking to secondary, let age for 2-3 weeks before drinking.
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Re: Light beer
Thanks, I'll give it a go.

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