Looking for a recipe for Leffe or CH'TI beer?? can anyone help??

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Hello fellow slurpers!!
As it says in the subject title I am looking for a recipe or recipes for
brewing these fine Northern France/Southern Belgium beers!
I was introduced to it some 5 years ago by my uncle, who has lived in France
for 30+ years, & have struggled to find this nectar of the gods in the UK!
Sainsbury now do it (Leffe that is) but at 3 + for 75cl's I think the price
is a bit steep!!! Considering it varies from 1 - 1.50 in France!!! But
still quite expensive considering on average a home brew kit can make 75cl's
for about 50 pence!
If anyone has tried it you will understand why I want to get hold of a
Many thanks for your time
PS Please reply to the news group & not to the Email address as it is

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