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does any one have a recipei for low carb beer like Micheloeb ultra?

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Michelobe Ultra is an extremely nasty beer.  Look around for a mild
recipe; that should be low carb.


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Take a dirty sock and soak it in 176^ water for an hour!
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You'll be hard-pressed to make an actual low-carb beer at home.
Low-carbs use extra enzymes in the mash and in the fermentor to
further break down starches for the yeast to consume.  Some brewers
have used Beano with some success, but I've heard varying reports and
no one seems to have an exact amount to use.  If you want a lower carb
beer you'll need to mash below 150 degrees for a drier beer.  If
you're using extract, talk with your homebrew supply shop about the
extracts they carry and find out which one ferments the driest.  You
can also use a stronger yeast that can consume more of the
fermentables.  Oh, and use less extract or grains for a thinner beer.
In our brewery our ultra-light uses half as much  grain as the rest of
our beers.  Because it is such a light beer the choice of hops and
yeast have a large impact on flavor.  Choose a light flavored hop like
Mount Hood and a very clean yeast like and American ale or even better
an American lager.

Re: low-carb beer
Brew any recipe and then dilute it with carbonated water.

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Re: low-carb beer
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Here is some valuable advice for a low carb diet. Eat things that are
low in carbs, do NOT try and force something not naturally low in
carbs to be low carb. It doesn't work and tastes like shit. Low carb
bread, waffles, beer, etc. Nasty. It ain't right I tells ya! Like a
hapless vegetarian forming spareribs out of rectangles of tofu...


Re: low-carb beer
If you want to drink low-carb, you pretty much have to stick with booze
mixed with diet soda, mixed with water, or straight up.  

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