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Does anyone have a homebrew recipe for Michelob Classic Dark?

Re: michelob recipe

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Don't drink it myself, but it looks like is it a dark lager.

First, to get the crisp clean taste of a lager, you'll need to control
the temperature of the ferment and use real lager yeast.  A fridge
with a temp controller is the best way.  You can also approximate it
by using a water bath with ice or other methods.

According to the few descriptions I could find... an all grain recipe is
probably just Pilsner malt with some dark grains for color.  You might
add some rice or corn or suger to lighten the taste/body.  I'd not use
very many hops at all, and you should probably use European hops - Saaz,
Hallertau, Tettnanger, etc.  Wild guess for all grain:
    9 lbs Pilsner malt (mash about 148F).
    1 lb dark grains... chocolate malt and dark crystal, for example.
    1 oz Tettnanger boiling (90 minute boil)
    1 oz Tettnanger flavor (last 15 minutes of boil)
    WLP830 lager yeast.
Extract version, use
    3.3 pounds of Dark liquid malt extract and
    3.3 pounds of Amber liquid malt extract
    instead of the Pilsner malt.
    The rest same as above.
For both follow a schedule like:
    Ferment @ 50F for 1.5 weeks,
    then @ 65F for 0.5 weeks (diaceytl rest),
    then secondary and go to 50F for two more weeks.
    Then drop temp to 33F for lagering for 4 weeks or more.
    Bottle and carbonate as usual.

Note... this is a guess since I don't make many dark beers but it would
get you close.  It would proabaly be better!  If it is too heavy for
your taste, you could add some sugar to lighten it up some.  If you want
more body, add some crystal or other grains.  More hops... just add


Re: michelob recipe

homebrewer99 wrote:
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Not right off.  I would recommend looking up a good schwarzbier recipe.
  You may want to cut back the amount of carafa malt to lighten the
color a bit.  Stay away from the roasty malts such as chocolate, roast
barley and the like.  They will add some undesired flavors.  Some dark
crystal would be okay for body, not too much though or you will get away
from the light body of the Michelob.

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Re: michelob recipe

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Take five gallons of Guinness.
Strain it through a horse.
Add brown food coloring.

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