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I'd like to pickup a mill soon. Something I could hook up a drill to for
a motor. Any recommendations? The closest supply store to me sells a
double roller phil mill. Any good? Anything I should stay away from?


Re: mill recommendation
Crank and Stein ( is sort of the industry
leader here.... you'll get others on here who say different but their steel
is good... they've got beginner all the way thru commercial grade products
and they have reasonably detailed instructions... guess it's all up to you
in terms of how beernut you really are... if you're not going to go to 10+
gal batches... the Phil is probably good... if yer going to get serious you
might consider the CaS route...

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Re: mill recommendation
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There is also the Valley Mill who have good review. I also look for a mill
so i can't talk about personnal use but i know people who use it and are
happy about it. --
Altair (:-o)>=
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Re: mill recommendation
I do love my CrankandStein mill, but I have to admit some bias as I
haven't tried any others.  I'm not sure how the below poster came up with
Crank being the industry leader.  However, if you want a custom mill (for
instance, I was considering larger rollers of stainless steel), then
Crankandstein can easily build it for you.  A recent article
featured motorizing a crankandstein mill.

On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Yagottawundah wrote:

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Warren Place

Re: mill recommendation
I've been looking at the Barley Crusher for a while - double rollers and
a 7 lb hopper - easy to drive with a 3/8" drill and highly recommended
to me by several serious brewers I know.

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Re: mill recommendation
I have a Barley Crusher, and it has worked well for the past 2+years.

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