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I have a new Minibrew conical fermenter, and am preparing to use it. It did
not come with an airlock, althought there are two 3/4 in. threaded plugs in
the lid, where an airlock could be installed. I have regualr airlocks from
the caboy days--is there any way to use these?

Is an airlock necessary?

Randall Brink

Re: Minibrew Airlock

Well, generally speaking an airlock is a good idea, we'll put it that way.
An open fermenter (yes even a tiny hole in the top) can allow nasty things
into your soon to be tasty beverage that can lead to off flavors, spoiling
or unwanted bacteria/yeast that will do more harm than good...or you can get
bugs or other creepy crawlies in there or worse....oxygen.

You could always sell (give?) that conical to me...I have just what you need
to make it a working fermenter again.

I use a QT vinegar bottle for yeast starters with about the same size hole
you describe (3/4") I bought a small predrilled rubber stopper that fits
perfectly & allows me to use an airlock for the yeast starter. (grand
total...$0.50) invest in one that is drilled & one that is not, plug up both
holes & there you go!!

Most brewshops should sell them or check out (2 - #2 stoppers &
a #000 plug) not that I'm "plugging" morebeer or anything, but they have
them for $0.55 (#2) & $0.35 (#000).

Save yourself the headache of unpredictable fermentation or possible


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