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    I've received Mr. Beer as a gift this xmas.  Followed the directions,
then went on line to find out what's happening, or suppose to happen.
    The brew is bubbling very slightly now for 5 days, a layer of white
stuff is sitting on the bottom of the plastic keg (trub?), and small islands
of stuff floats up being driven by a bubble and then drops back to the
bottom when the bubble bursts.  Is this normal? Or is it some nasty bacteria
feasting on the brew.


Re: Mr. Beer
Probably OK.  Hope you enjoy the hobby.  You might want to look into getting
larger equipment so you can do 5 gallon batches of beer.  Enjoy.

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Re: Mr. Beer
I too rec'd a Mr. beer Kit for Christmas (2 years ago) finally got
around to making it last year and loved it.
suggestions, don't look at it - it will drive you nuts. just leave it
alone for 2 week and most likely everything will turn out fine.
The plastic twist on caps they give you are not the greatest. before
bottling, make sure that the bottles and caps you have are compatable
and will effect a TIGHT seal. fill the bottles with water, cap them,
shake them upside down like mad and make sure nothing leaks out.
You may want to get a few grolsch, easier to bottle with the swing
caps and 16 oz means fewer to bottle than 12 oz bottles.
Make sure that you use the correct amount of sugar when bottling, be
neat and CLEAN.
I use a small funnel and kitchen measuring spoon.
Let the bottles age for 2 full weeks before opening, I know its hard,
but it's worth it.
After this batch is gone, make another one or 2. Then you will be
hooked on "GOOD" beer. and go onto 5 gal batches, which offers wider
variety and 5 gals last a lot longer than the 1.5 gal in Mr, Beer,

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Re: Mr. Beer
Another newbie member to the mar beer club.

I can't wait to try it out.  The beer has been fermentating for almost a
week now.

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