My allgrain beer seems too bitter?!

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I wonder what causes excessive bitterness in my beer ( actually,  I am not
using too much bittering hops):

1. tannin has bleached from the barley husks during the mash, or the water
may be too hot (over 70C) for sparging;

2.not skimming off the foam/crud that rises to the top during rapid ferment;

3. leaving the worth  in the primary ferment can too long, say over 5-6
days, too sit on the drags.

Comments, suggestions appreciated. Thanks.  I B

Re: My allgrain beer seems too bitter?!

I'm not an all grain brewer, but I know that if you boild the grain then
that will leach tanins which then causes haze problems in your beer. Not
sure whether or not this will cause problems with bitterness or not

Your wort can sit in primary for much longer than 5-6 days. Some people
report leaving in primary for a month+ with no ill effects. Myself the
longest I have left my wort in primary is 3 weeks and this has not effect
the beer in any negative ways!

Agani, not an AG brewer, but when I boil my extracts I never remove he
'scum' from the surface. I just wait for the hot break and again there is no

How long are you boiling your hops for? This will have some effect as well
as the amount!

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Re: My allgrain beer seems too bitter?!


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Only the first one is a possibility, except it may have been during
the sparge, not the mash.  You don't want the water above 76C for the
sparge.  70C is actually at the upper end of conversion temps.  

What grains are you using, and what water salts, if any, are you

The other possibility is over sparging, as the grain bed can become to
alkaline.  Most brewers stop the sparge when runnings get down to
1.010 on the hydrometer, adjusted of course for temp.  I personally
avoid this by doing a batch sparge.  

John S.

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Re: My allgrain beer seems too bitter?!

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If it is tannin, it should be more "astringent" than "bitter."
Astringent is more of a feeling than a taste ... it sorta makes you want
to pucker or you sorta feel it on the roof of your mouth.  While what
you describe above can extract tannins, not too many folks really report
it being a problem.  Boiling the grains (like in a decoction) definitely
causes astringency and is one reason for the long lagering periods for
decocted beers.

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Most folks in these groups don't believe that will make much difference.
In the few tests I've seen people do, it is only a VERY SLIGHT
difference and is not necessarily better one way or the other.

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This will not increase bitterness at all.  You can leave in primary for
a couple of months without any bad effects.

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One thing... certain minerals in water can cause the hops to extract
more bitterness (google for it or look in
That might be it.

Bottom line, if it really is bitterness and not astringency, cut your
boiling hops amount in half and see what happens.

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