My last batch

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It's winter here so I put the fermenter in the bathroom which has heat lamps
in the ceiling, I thought it would keep the tempurature constant at around
27C. Not so. After I got the tempurature up I cast the yeast, it only
bubbled for about 36 hours at 23C I thought that's very odd because summer
batches seem to bubble for days so anyway I left it until I got to the shop
to buy some more yeast.
Last night I thought I'll test it anyway, it had been sitting there for
weeks. It is uninfected and unbottled, SG was 1004 and it seems to be okay
to bottle. had a glass out of it, nothing wrong with it. Certainly nothing
wrong with it taste wise, though it's flat as a tack, but I can drink
English beer so I can drink anything ;-D
I drank say 4 or five glasses and I have my own breath testing unit, didn't
feel tipsy but registered 0.09.
Should I recast some yeast and add more dex before bottling ?

Re: My last batch
27C ????

I hope it was a Belgian Ale.....

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