need a root beer recipe

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My daughter is great about helping me measure grain to make "real  
beer", but she's been asking if we can make some root beer. It only
seems fair! So if you have a root beer recipe you would like to share,
I'd love to hear it. Thanks,


Re: need a root beer recipe
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Most homebrew shops will have a concentrate for root beer.  I have never
used them, but I imagine that they're what you're looking for.  If you want
to go the root method, try picking up "Homemade Root Beer, Soda & Pop" by
Stephen Cresswell.  I've done root beer from this book and it came out
pretty well.

I don't remember the exact recipe that I used, but I used sarsparilla root,
juniper berry, star anise, wintergreen and a few others that I don't
honestly recall.  I purchased the bulk herbs from Stony Mountain Botanicals
(  A keg system for force carbonation works well, though
you don't need it.  You could use plastic bottles and yeast to carbonate.
You need to refrigerate it to stop the yeast.  Supposedly, the yeast won't
take off because there are no nutrients to sustain them, but I wouldn't take
that chance.

Re: need a root beer recipe
On Sat, 08 May 2004 19:44:20 GMT, "Glenn L."

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I used the extract to make rootbeer once. It was the best stuff I ever
tasted. The only problem is we forgot about 6 bottles that were in the
fridge in the garage. After about 3 months they exploded so violently
they almost trashed the inside of the It was a mess.
But really, those extracts make a very decent soda and under normal
circumstances I doubt they would last 3 months. I'm making raspberry
soda right now, got about a week to go.

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