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For anyone who is interested, I've just formed a moderated Yahoo Group
that is dedicated exclusively to discussions about growing hops and
topics related to that (trellis design, rhizome exchange, diseases,
storage, etc.).

This is my first year to grow hops, and it has been difficult to find
much discussion on the various brewing forums because it appears that
only a small percentage of homebrewers grow their own hops.  Instead of
having to tediously search through lengthy archives in 20+ different
homebrew forums, I felt it would be better to have a 'dedicated' group
exclusively on that topic.  For those who are interested, please visit -- and thanks.


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Re: New 'Grow-Hops' Yahoo Group

What a great idea.  I think there are enough hop growers out there who would
find a group like this to be useful.

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Re: New 'Grow-Hops' Yahoo Group

David M. Taylor wrote:

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Thanks, David.  We're only 10 days old and our group already has 142
members, many of whom have indicated to me that they have substantial
hop-growing experience.  I'd say that the idea has proven itself.

Any more hop-growers here who haven't joined really ought to give us a
try.  You can elect to keep your email addresses confidential, and you
can always quit whenever you want, so what do you have to lose?


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