New to Beermaking - recipe question (repost from

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Hi all,
Just brewed 4 cases - 2 of ipa and two of stout - my first time!  Good fun!

I've only tried the stout after a week in the bottle and the ipa
pre-bottling.  I'm tentatively disappointed in the body of the beers -
they're a bit thin.  Any advice on this?

I'd also appreciate any recipe suggestions, links, etc.  I'm a fan of the
following brews:

Stone IPA & Ruination
any Sam Smiths brews
Boont Amber Ale
Harp Lager
Old Peculiar
Wicked Summer

Overall, I just want to brew something with strong character.  Also, any
book suggestions would be welcome.  We're using my friend's setup, doing
single stage (thus far) w/o racking and bottling afterwards.


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