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Hello everyone. I'm John, from Dayton, Ohio. I'm new to homebrewing, by way
of an X-mas gift. Yepp, I got a "Mr. Beer" kit. I was kind of disappointed
when the same night I got it, I did some reading on forums and e-groups and
found it wasn't too grand. But I guess it would be fine to get my feet wet.
And since I have other hobbies that take up my money and time, lol, like
model railroading, custom cars, remodeling, starting to collect steins and
tap handles, and my classes to take what time I have left lol.

When money allows and I get a grasp on the basics, I'll buy a better kit
from a local dealer or mail-order. Also, I'm going to try to find a few
books in the library or bookstore.

John McManaman
Dayton, Ohio
Ohio Valley Free-Mo: Yahoo Group:

Re: New to group and Homebrewing
Hi John,
Welcome to the world of homebrewing. I have been brewing for 13 years. Have
done a lot...extracts, all grain, yeast culturing. I too recieved a Mr. beer
for x-mas. I kinda wanted it. I have heard all the bad things ass well. But
I have heard good things too. I just thik it would be neat to try it. Just
don't judge all homebrew by a mr beer kit. It may or may not be that good.
In time you will want the bucket and capper deal brew kit. They are good and
inexpensive. The good thing about this hobby is you can go where you want
into it. It can be very inexpensive as most items you can make yourself. Or
you can dive right in and get lost and spend thousands. It's up to you. Just
remember to relax and have fun. Don't make yourself crazy and enjoy.
Good luck!
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Re: New to group and Homebrewing
The Mr. Beer kit is good for half batches, just don't use their mixes and
instructions (they tell you to use sugar--blech!).  You could use their
mixex, but you have to double up (use 2 cans per batch not one + sugar).
Get real recipes off the net and divide by 2, or get the real brew kits from
a homebrew shop and you won't need to add any more malt extract.



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