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Hello all

Another newbie from UK here

Looking to bottle my first batch tomorrow (Wed). I'm not strictly a
newbies as I did a bit of brewing a few years ago - just tins of
extract though - bottled and in a pressure barrel

Anyway after a clearout I 'discovered' the brewing kit and with the
addition of some gear from Freecycle decided to start up again. I
started with a Coopers Stout (Australian) extract kit

Main question is that a lot of the bottles I was given have fairly
tight fitting plastic caps. I also have a brand new bag of them. Are
these supposed to replace crown caps? I can't see that they do myself

I have a large supply of crown caps and a double lever capping machine
(hammering them on last time was one of the reasons I stopped brewing,
broken glass and beer all over the kitchen floor, it was just like my
local ;-) and intend using those

I'm brewing in a large fermenting bin, lidded, but this time I modified
it and fitted it with an airlock after reading posts on this group

One thing I have found is that the bottle carriers that you get from
Sainsbury's etc. in UK are excellent for 6 x pint bottles. Just right
for taking one or two 'six packs' to a friends for some quality
assurance ;-)

Any constructive advice welcome


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Re: Newbie question

Hey Ian, welcome back to the world of Homebrewing. Always great to know
that there are more UK brewers out there (there don't seem to be all
that many of us unfortunately).

The very first piece of advise I would give you is to visit This is a great place to ask for advise and you will
normally find that your questions are answered much quicker than they
are here.

My second piece of advice is to make sure that you have a blow off tube
attached to your fermenting bin. On the 2 occassions that I brewed
Coopers Stout I had to rush the fermenter to the bath so that I could
save the carpet and my marriage.

I had a little look at your website. I see that you are in Leighton
Buzzard quite often. I was there at the weekend looking for a new house
(job relocation) and ended up in Bletchley since it was nearby. By
chance, walking up the high street I found a Homebrew Store. So, my
final piece of advice is to look for the 'Smokers' shop in Bletchley
town and get all your Homebrew supplies from them (if you don't already
have somewhere local)

Hope to see you on tasty brew. Need more UK brewers!!!

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