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I have just made my first coopers stout homebrew well it is in the fermenter
coopers say it should take 4-6 days depending on the temp
My temp is about 24 dec the airlock is bubbeling very slowly
 should I bottle now or should I wait till the airlock balances out
made brew monday late arvo today is sunday

 I love stout but gueenis has a bitter after taste can I do anythign that
will help not have this taste
( Note) not that I wil be doing playing around with beer till I have 100%
rate with just the can


Re: newbie question
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Wait until there is no activity in the airlock. if you don't you may have
exploding botles. If you have a hydrometer wait untill it reached your
expected final gravity and is stable for 1 or 2 days.

The bitter aftertaste in a stout is given by hops and usually canned kits
don't have lots of it.

For a good starting point to learn more about homebrewing go to
Altair (:-o)>=
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Re: newbie question
Patience, Patience, Patience, Chris. I think all "newbies" fall into this
trap. Cannot blame
them. They want to get at the end result. Myself included.

I began 32 years ago. Read the instructions. 'bottle 5 days, drink in 7'
Can be done but is not enjoyable.
My first batch was bottled in 10 days. A week later, went to the
brother-in-laws with a 6-pack to try.
Terrible!    Man, was I disappointed. Packed it away in the store room and
forgot it.
Remembered it a month or two later and tried it then. Had it ever improved!
Very enjoyable.

I make it a point to tell my home brew friends and acquaintances that Home
Brewing is
an experiment. Try different brands, combinations and manufacturers. I've
never had a bad
beer. Some are better than others. If you find something you like, stick
with it. I prefer
to do something different each time.

Coopers is a great product. I produced an excellent Stout using Coopers
Stout LME
and a John Bull light DME instead of corn sugar. A week to 10 days in
primary and
2 weeks in secondary. Siphon back into primary vessel and add 1 cup priming
corn sugar
for bottling.

Check at your supply store for others to compare notes with.

Happy Brewing
Ontario, Canada

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Re: newbie question
thaks Ste and yes all tthat replied
simple question what is the LME

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Re: newbie question

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Liquid malt extract as opposed to DME dried malt extract

Re: newbie question
Do I have to wait till the SO2 in the air lock evens out before I bottle

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Re: newbie question
On Tue, 09 Dec 2003 09:03:44 +0000, Chris Taylor wrote:

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I'm still a newbie myself, but this much I can tell you: If the airlock is
still bubbling, then the yeast is still turning sugars into CO2 and
alcohol. Give the yeast time to finish its work, and you'll have better
beer. A few extra days in the fermenter won't hurt anything, and the
solids will have more time to settle to the bottom.
Avoid stirring up the stuff on the bottom when you siphon your beer into
your bottling bucket - There will always be some yeast sediment in
naturally carbonated bottled beer, but less is better.

Karl S.
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