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 I put on a batch of Pilothoue Pilsner that is two cans of Mr. beer mix and
two yeast packets. The first two days there was lots of bubbles in the air
lock.  And  by the third day there is nothing.
Is something wrong??  Should I Still go for 7 to 10 days or put it in the
secondary now and then bottle after a week????


Re: No Bubbles

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It has probably finished fermenting.  However, you should still probably
follow the instructions.  If you have a hydrometer, you can measure it
over about 3 days.  If it is still changing, it isn't done yet.

You can rack to secondary whenever you feel like it (or don't use a
secondary at all).

You can bottle anytime after the gravity remains the same for about 3
days (and it is a reasonably low value, usually well below 1.020).

Rule of thumb for *room temperature* fermentation is 1 week primary and
1 week secondary.  They're almost always ready to bottle then.

Re: No Bubbles

 Who is Barry White ???  Never tryed that kind of barry in my brew.  Can you
buy it at Wall Mart???  Or maybe one line at HomeBrew>??

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Re: No Bubbles

junkhunter wrote:
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Don't. Adds too much body.


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