NUBIE Wort cooling question ?

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I do not have a wort chiller and I have read that you should wait
until the wort has come down to 72-78F before adding the yeast.

I am using 5 gallons of spring water to make my beer.  I am
wondering if there is there any problem with taking a few gallons and
placing them outside and cooling them down to 30-40F and then adding
them to the wort to speed the process?


Re: NUBIE Wort cooling question ?
JXM2119 wrote:

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Yes you should definitely let it drop to those temps prior to pitching. And
if you pitch at a higher temp like 78 you should drop that down to about 72
or below after fermentation starts.

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There is no problem doing that, I wouldn't really let it freeze. Prior to
me building an immersion chiller I put all my gallons of water in the
freezer/refrigerator until I was ready to use them.

btw, the immersion chiller was one the best additions I ever made to
brewing when I first started and it was actually cheap to build.

Re: NUBIE Wort cooling question ?

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That's exactly what I did on my first attempt (a week ago today)....  I
put 3 gallons in my fermenter bucket and set it asside in a cool place.  I
then boiled my 2 gallons of remaining water with my extract kit in a 16qt
pot.  The pot was put into the sink (with running cold water, movement
aides in cooling) and ice was tossed into the water/sink after about 5
minutes when the cooling started to slow a little.  It took less than 10
minutes to get the wort to 100deg.... mixing with the 3 gallons of water
brought it down to the upper 70's.

Of course, then I either didn't aerate the mixture enough (I was relying
on just pouring the mixture together), or my yeast was shot.  I pitched
more yeast 48 hours later and REALLY went to town with a whisk and
fermentation took off less than 24 hours later.  I also rehydrated the
yeast the 2nd time, but not the first....  Lots of things I'll change for
my next batch, but that's called learning.  :)

Best of luck!


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Re: NUBIE Wort cooling question ?
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If you have some snow outside, set the whole thing in it for a while.  Pretty
sanitary this time of the year, I figure.

Re: NUBIE Wort cooling question ?
i do this all the time . i put the purified/boiled water in the fermenter
with the lid on and put it outside to freeze. when it gets a slushy or
frozen surface i pour the wort in right from the stove. the colder the
better. it instantly goes down to about 80 f.

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Re: NUBIE Wort cooling question ?
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I don't have a wort cooler either. I'm going to get one before summer.
However I cooled off my last 3 batches in about 15 minutes each by setting
my brew pot on the first step of my in ground pool and turning on the filter
to get circulation. Previously I set the pot in the sink and added ice and
water and it took up to an hour to cool off with periodic ice and water

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