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Hello fellow brewers I'm am back in the hobby after a long absence.  I just
bought some equiment from ebay.  Included, is a can of light American malt
extract.  This can is about 10 years old I'm guessing.

My question is; would this can of extract be suitable for use, or should I
start a new hobby of collecting unopened malt extract cans lol?

Thanks in advance

Re: old extract
On Sat, 8 May 2004 19:03:08 -0500, David Palmer wrote

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Malt extracts darken with age. I'd say you now have an amber American malt
extract. Other than that if it wasn't opened it should be fine to use.



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Re: old extract
David Palmer wrote:
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I wouldn't waste my time with it.  The best you could expect would be
marginal beer.  Liquid extract just doesn't keep that well...I doubt
it's gonna make you ill, but it certainly won't make great beer.  For
the few bucks a new can is gonna cost, I'd toss the 10 year old stuff.

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