Our HomeBrewers team welcomes new members

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

There are now 55 active homebrewers (or friends of homebrewers) on our
"HomeBrewers" grid-computing team, and we are now close to the top 1% of
almost 12,000 teams on the World Community Grid (we're ranked 133rd as
of today). Our team donates the spare power on our personal computers,
such as when a screen saver would be running or while we're just reading
email, to do valuable medical research for a non-profit group searching
for cures for AIDS, cancer, and many other diseases.  We hope to make it
to the top-100 teams before our first year anniversary on 11/21, and we
encourage other homebrewers to help us in this charitable work. The life
that your computer helps to save could be the life of someone you love.
For more info http://home.alltel.net/billvelek/world-community-page.html

Bill Velek
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BrewingEquipment now has 431 members who
discuss all sorts of beer brewing equipment issues.

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