Our International 'Homebrewers' Team needs YOUR help, please

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Almost two years ago I formed the "Homebrewers" international grid
computing team for the dual purpose of helping to spread information
about our wonderful craft while at the same time helping humanity to
find cures for many diseases such as cancer -- and doing so without
asking for donations of time or money (just the spare, otherwise wasted,
power on your PC).  Our team did exceptionally well at first, eventually
reaching 66th place, but things have slacked up a bit and many larger or
more powerful teams are passing us.  We are now ranked in 81st place out
of 16,949 teams.  Today we have 71 members, and together our homebrewers
have donated almost a CENTURY worth of computer time for _non-profit_
medical research.  Our team participates primarily on the World
Community Grid, which was created and is sponsored by IBM, and it
includes many very prestigious partners such as the American Cancer
Society and even the Boys Scouts.  Surely if _Boy_Scouts_ can help the
world, then Homebrewers can, too. ;-)

I can personally vouch for the safety and securing of this program --
that I have never had a bit of trouble with my computer, which runs just
as well as before my joining this project; in fact, I have constantly
donated my spare computer power since the mid to late 1990's, and have
never had any trouble whatsoever since then, either.

I know this has been a bit off-topic (well, it is for "Homebrewers"),
but it is for a worthy cause and traffic has been very low on these
groups recently anyway.  Please take enough interest in your fellow man
to check my website, and then join our Homebrewers team.  If interested,
please visit my personal site -- http://www.velek.com -- for more info,
and then our TEAM site -- http://home.alltel.net/billvelek/team.html --
to join.  You'll be doing a great service to the world.


Bill Velek

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