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I'm going to brew 2 batches tomorrow with a buddy of mine and one is
going to be a partial mash. It's an oatmeal stout with a grain bill of

How much water and what temp for how long?

I was guessing 3 gallon at 150F for 30 mins. Does this sound good?


Re: Partial Mashing Question

Mike wrote:
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Probably a bit too much water. Shoot for around 1.25 quarts per pound
of grain when mashing, so you would need 6.25 quarts @ 150. Then you
want to sparge until your gravity is around 1.010. Also, keep in mind
that a higher temperature (say 155) will result in a more dextrinous
mash which may be desirable in an oatmeal stout.


Re: Partial Mashing Question

This is is really apropos. I did my first partial mash recipe
yesterday--a dunkelweizen. I think the 3 gals is probably too much...6
quarts or so is what I used and I got my target OG.


Mike wrote:
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Re: Partial Mashing Question

Thanks guys
I did cut back on the water and everything so far is looking and
tasting good.

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