Pitching new yeast to stuck ferm: Concerns

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Hi Everyone.  I did a Doppelbock 12 days ago.  Pitched a packet of
BrewFerm.  Fermentation got off well, and I even did a 2-day D-rest
last week at the mid 60's F.  Well, it's been back to a 50F temp now
for a while, and the SG is at 1.040, down from OG 1.086.  Target FG is
around 1.024.  No airlock activity, and I'm thinkking I should have
used 2 packs, but wanted to try the yeast, and only had one.  Now I'm
considering repitching with some WLP-833, which I have to work up from
a slant.  (I realize I did the D-rest too soon, but instead of going
by a gravity read, I simply waitied for the bubbling to slow
significantly down.  SG at start of D-rest was 1.042, so I think the
yeast pooped out.)  

Now, if I do add some fresh lager yeast, what size starter would be
advised for this 3-gal batch?  And should I reoxygenate the batch, or
just add the yeast?  (I always use an O2 tank and diffusion stone.)

Thanks for any advice.  It will be a few days before a starter is
ready in any case.

John S.  

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