plastic bottles.

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howde all. new to this group so am yet to find out who the goons are with
all the questions, and who the gurus are with all the answers.

what is everyones stance on brewing in plastic soft drink (soda, bubbly
drink, whatever it is in your country) bottles. it just takes so bloody long
cleaning and capping all those little bottles. just wondering wether you
guys reckon it's okay to do it in 1.25 litre plastic bottles.

cheers, and drink up.


Re: plastic bottles.
as long as by brewing you don't mean the actual act of making the beer, the
bottles are fine to use for the finished product, just don't keep them in
storage for too long or they will oxydize your beer.

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Re: plastic bottles.

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and if you are using clear bottles keep them out of the light

Re: plastic bottles.

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If you use larger PET (plastic) bottles, and decant into a pitcher, you can
avoid the sediment clouding up your brew.  The 1.25 litre or larger bottles
are great, 2 L lets you share with a friend, if you're so inclined.  And do
use green or brown to protect from light.
You call them soft drinks in Oz, huh?  Usanians call them "sodas", the
Canadian term is either soft drinks or "pop"; never heard the "bubbly drink"
connotation before.

Barrie (Calgary, Canada)

Re: plastic bottles.

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cheers guys. yeah, i keep them in my shed under some newspaper so no
sunlight gets to them. they generally don't last too long anyway. you know
how it is.

well i used "bubbly drink" in case someone didn't know of any of the
previous terms i used. if they don't know what a soft drink or soda is, i'm
sure they could work out what bubbly drink is. i very much doubt wether any
nations refer to them as "bubbly drink"



Re: plastic bottles.
I actaully carbonate in them. I have several tops drilled out and fitted
with a shraeder valve sold for high performance tires. From the co2 bottle
I've attached an air chuck to force carbonate. Works great once you know the
process. Carbonated beer in about a day or so!
Here's what I do:
fill bottle 2/3 full with beer (no bottling sugar needed)
put cap on losely and squeeze all the extra space out of the bottle.
Tighten Cap
Fill with CO2 (about 15-20lbs)
Shake it up to get  the CO2 in solution.
Come and fill again 2 times later as the CO2 gets absorbed.
When you open it you must drink it up as it will oxidize and go flat in
short order.

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Re: plastic bottles.
Hi Sam,

I use plastic PET bottles when travelling ( caravanning ) & brewing.
I also bulk prime so it doesn't matter too much about the size of the

As the others say keep them out of sunlight.

i use cling wrap ( glad wrap) for stubbies to avoid sterilising /
cleaning each bottle, but I haven't tried that in PET bottles yet.

I don't think plastic tastes as good as glass, but i rarely drink HB
from the bottle anyway.


Ian C

On Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:59:46 +1000, "samuel mcgregor"

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