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I will be reading the comments in this newsgroup for the next few days and
learning from those that are positive and helpful.

I know that this is an out of topic posting to this newsgroup. That is a
reason that I am posting here. I want to learn from people that are not in
the business of cogenerating energy. I want to read in this newsgroup
valuable comments from a fresh perspective. By off topic posting to random
newsgroups, herein I may gain an honest response.

There are definition links for you to read. There is physics data, and NASA
data that is referenced. I would like your honest opinion. I would like to
read logical responses. Childish screaming about commercial posting or out
of topic posting to this newsgroup will not slow my quest to find logical
and valuable responses. Someone on this newsgroup will be able to think for
themselves and will give me an honest and logical response that I may learn
from and potentially use. I look forward to your opinion.


I would like to introduce you to a new wind powered generator company.

These are specifically for LOW wind speeds. These are affordable sized for
the average (non-city) U.S. homeowner.

This is a very small company. These are being built one at a time.

The page is at
Please take the time to look at the page.

If you have a valuable response whereby I may learn and do better as I build
this company, please post your response to this newsgroup. I will be reading
postings herein for a while.

Thank you.

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