preparing a starter yeast

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 my stupid questions

. can i just dump some beer in a small vessel and add some yeast and a
yeast nutrient then shake the hell out of it? and how much yeast
nutrient can be added?
do i add sugar to it? if so and how much?

what temp should the yeast starter be stored at and how long should i
let the yeast work before adding it to the must?

do i need to shake the starter yeast up before adding it to the must or
will this damage the yeast cells?

Re: preparing a starter yeast
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Re: preparing a starter yeast

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This is EXACTLY what I do for ales (except I use a 2L flask).  Another
method is to let the yeast ferment out and settle.  Pour off the liquid and
pitch the slurry.  I am beginning to think this is a little better as I am
doing it for my lagers now (it just doesn't make sense to pitch a 1/2 gallon
+ starter into 6 gallons of wort).  All the off flavor formed in the starter
will not make it into pitched wort.

Tom Veldhouse

Re: preparing a starter Bob & Tom
John G wrote:
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DME is dry malt extract.  Don't make a starter with corn sugar (or apple
juice, or orange juice, etc.)  By making a non malt starter, the ability
of the yeast to metabolize malt sugars is severely compromised.

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1/4 tsp. wouldn't hurt, but it probably won't do much good, either.

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Nope, shaking is the right thing to do
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You never learn unless you ask.  The best gravity for a starter is
1.040-1045.  Anything lower doesn't provide enough sugar for the yeast
to work, any higher and the yeast will have trouble eating the sugars
and may become damaged.  The best way to measure the DME is to weigh it
to account for differences in volume between brands.  1 oz. by weight of
DME to 1 cup of water will give you the correct gravity.  Scale as


Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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