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I have just started a new batch of beer.

Unlike my first 2, this one required 'no added sugar'. I had 2 cans of
extract and a packet of yeast.

After mixing the extract with boiling water, I then topped up to the usual 5
gallons (just under in this case) and added my yeast. Again, unlike in the
past, I previously prepped the yeast in a cup of warm water. This I then
added to my fermenting bin.

By the end of day 1, I could tell that everything was active as a large foam
had formed on the surface.

It is now the end of day 2, beginning of day 3 and this has begun to
disperse. At no point was there enough C02 to start off the bubbles in the

Could primary really be finished this quickly? Little more than 60 hours
seems extremely quick to me (started at about 6pm Monday eve it is now
7:30am Thursday)...


Re: Primary Fermentation

PieOPah wrote:

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Sounds reasonable. If the OG was not high and the room was warm, it
could be done.

Sam Wigand

"Quaggy River Brewery"

Re: Primary Fermentation

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It could be finished, especially if it was at a higher temperature.  Also,
if your lid wasn't on tight, then you'd never see bubbles in the airlock
(a very common problem).

If you have a hydrometer, check the gravity once a day for about 3 days
(or longer) and see if it is continuing to drop.  If it stays constant,
it is done.

Re: Primary Fermentation

I'm having almost the exact same issue. Brewed it Memorial Day around
noon, checked it today and there's no activity at all in airlock, but
man did it erupt over the last two days. Overflowing airlock with
massive amounts of foam. Ferment temp is around 72-73. I checked the
gravity today and I'll check it again on Saturday to see if she's still
fermenting. If not then I'll rack to secondary and leave it for two
weeks. Like most brewers will tell ya, don't rely on the airlock to
determine if it's done or not.....gravity is what counts.

Re: Primary Fermentation

I've had this several times before, I usually just go through the motions,
put it into the secondary.  but so far everytime I've then thrown it out due
to infection.  but secondarying it will give you enough time to figure out
what's going on.

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