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When is it okay to move a batch to the secondary fermentor. I have a batch
that I boiled last Sunday night; a Kolsch. I used Wyeast 2565 and it took
almost 24 hours to start seeing activity in the airlock. As of Friday
evening, it is now down to about 5 buubles in the airlock over a 2 minute
span. I checked earlier, and it still has a head(krausen) on it. Should I
wait for the head to subside before moving to the secondary? I want to make
sure I don't interupt any fermentation, but I don't want it to sit too long
in the primary.

Re: Primary Fermentation
Don Hettinga wrote:
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Hi Don,

Don't woory about the timing, let the beer dictate it!  Your batch has
been in primary for less than a week, and 2 weeks (even up to 3 weeks)
won't be a prblem.  I generally wait until the majority of fermentation
is complete before going to secondary.  Don't rush it...if your primary
still has a large head on it, give it some more time.  Think in terms of
going to secondary next weekend, maybe.

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