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I just started my first brew a couple of days ago and haven't yet decided
whether to go with bottles or a keg system.  I am kind of thinking that the
novelty of sanitizing and washing dozens of beer bottles will soon wear off.
I am also waiting to see how the brew turns out before investing in a keg

Anyway, my newbie question is:

Is it possible or even beneficial to prime a keg?  I understand that because
you charge it with bottled CO2 that you don't need to but I was curious as
to how much impact secondary fermentation has on the characteristics of the

Re: priming a keg
sozman wrote:
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There is no benfit to priming a ke.  Force carbing is quicker, easier,
and more controllable.   There is no difference in the quality of
carbonation between priming and force carbing, despite what some
literature would have you believe.

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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