priming bottles with maple syrup

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I plan on making a maple wheat that calls for priming with a combination of
corn sugar and maple syrup.  Do I need to boil the syrup with the corn
sugar?  I'm thinking that boiling may drive off some of the aroma/flavor
that it may contribute.  I don't know if the syrup is considered sterile.
Could I just boil  the sugar water and add the syrup off the heat without
losing any flavor/aroma.



Re: priming bottles with maple syrup
   Maple syrup is made by boiling down maple sap. The sap to syrup ratio is
anywhere from 30 or 40 to 1. In other words, you must boil down 30 to 40
parts maple sap to get one part maple syrup. That's why it's so danged
expensive. And as one who has made their own maple syrup, believe me, it
takes a looooong time! So an additional boiling, if you dilute it (maybe
with some of your wort?), shouldn't be detrimental. The reason I suggest
diluting it is because, when boiled down to the syrup, it is very close to
caramelizing. So if you tried boiling straight syrup you could easily wind
up with a big, sticky mess in your pan. Another reason to boil it is that
maple syrup can contain bacteria & mold spores, especially if the container
has been opened. Best to be safe.

   I made some honey-maple syrup-vanilla mead this past June. Boiled the
maple syrup in the water I added. Although I should have technically waited
longer, we bottled & drank some last weekend. It tastes great & kicks butt.

   Good luck!

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Re: priming bottles with maple syrup
Would you be willing to share the recepie?
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