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Re: problem with smack-pack
Thanks for the link .. I used to brew alot over 8 years ago and am now
just getting back into it.
This link will be a nice resource as to what is new that I don't know

Thanks a bunch
St Pete FL


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Re: problem with smack-pack
By smacking, are you sure that the inner blister was ruptured and that
the contents were mixed by kneading for a short time.  I have found
those inner packages more difficult to burst as of late.  Also check the
date on the package.  Allow an additional day for every month after the
manufacture date to allow for full expansion of the pack.  Since you
purchased this pack in May, assuming it was fresh then, allow5 days.  
You can speed the process by gently warming the pack, I set it near a
window in direct sunlight.  You can also wrap it in a warm moist towel.  
Just be careful to not cook the yeasties.


Roger Grimmond wrote:

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Re: problem with smack-pack
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We did! We did!  Sooo... Whatever happened?  Roger, are you still with us?

Re: problem with smack-pack
I'm still here...
I took a couple of days off to celebrate my birthday.
I made a starter and I'm brewing tonight. the starter has been going for
almost two days now.
When the wort is cool should I pitch the whole starter in or should I pour
off the mini wort and just pitch the yeast at the bottom?
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