Proper Kegging Technique

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I always liked the idea of brewing beer and when I did my first batch I was
exceptionally happy with the results.  However bottling in a small apartment
was painful and after two batches I called it a day until I'd bought a
house. I have a house.

What am I going to need to get a proper kegging operation going and what am
I going to need to know?  How different is the process from regular
bottling?  What valuable lessons from fabulous disasters has everyone
learned?  And what sort of fridges am I going to need to do this?  Can a
large dorm fridge work or do I need a full-size unit and to get comfortable
with a drill and some sealing materials?



Re: Proper Kegging Technique
Erick Carpenter wrote:
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All you really need are kegs, a CO2 tank, regulator, and proper beer and
gas hoses.  Sounds like you're looking at putting taps on a fridge...I
didn't do that, becasue it just sounds like too much hassle between the
building and the constant cleaning of the taps.  I jsut put the filled
kegs in a fridge and use cobra taps to dispense.  Here's a a link to the
best kegging info I've ever

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

Re: Proper Kegging Technique
The best place I have found for a full setup is  They have
two setups, one for refrigerator tap the other just the normal picnic
"Cobra" tap.  I have bought stuff from them a couple times, and they are
great.  Good prices and good shipping.

As for instructions, look at .  This will give you
just about everything you need to get started.


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