protection against bacteria

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    I'm an aspiring home-brewer, and the two batches I've done so far
haven't quite lived up to my expectations. They seemed to have a "skunky"
flavor to them, and I'm thinking it might be due to insufficient
sanitization. I know one of the best ways to protect against bacterial
contamination is to get the yeast active as quickly as possible, as the
resulting alcohol will help kill any resident bacteria. That being said, has
anyone ever tried adding a half-shot or so of grain alcohol to the wort, to
provide a bit of protection until the yeast gets going? Obviously, the real
solution is to sanitize everything better, but this would serve as another
layer of defense. My concern is that it might stunt the yeast growth (the
amount necessary to prove fatal to bacteria would also prove fatal to the
yeast), so I wanted to get a professional opinion first. Thanks,


Re: protection against bacteria
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I don't think you are on the right track, skunky aroma and flavor is due to
light, some wavelenght of sunlight and neon light passing thrue the beer
split hops oil molecule in half and one part remaning is verry close to the
smelly oil that skunk produce. If it's realy the problem, try ro keep your
beer in the dark during the whole process and use dark bottle instead of
clear or green. Last sring i was at a terrace sipping a bitter and after
less than 10 minute in the sun you could already smell de difference between
a fresh served one.

If sunlight is not the problem, i would sugest making a starter, aerate your
wort pitch yeast and leave it alone. Adding alcohol may be harmfull to yeast
at this stage when it need to multiply, not fighting something that tries to
kill it (alcohol is an antiseptic so it will attack anything living,
including your yeast).

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Re: protection against bacteria
Terry Caton wrote:
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It won't hurt the yeast, but it won't help your beer, either.  If the
"skunkiness" isn't due to exposure to light, describe your cleaning and
sanitizing procedures so we can see if we can help.

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Re: protection against bacteria
revieweed the comments to date
Sunlight is your problem
beer bottles are brown for a reason.
it annoys me to go into the beer stores and see good wines basking in the

wood grain alcohol is Not fit for huiman consumption though.
besides causing death it can also cause blindness.

people have actually tried it.
i only keep rubbing alcohol for cuts and scrapes.
do not put it into beer or food

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