Pumpkin Ale

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This is my first attempt at creating a recipe from scratch (all the
other times I've brewed have been partial mashes from kits made by my
local brew store).  I welcome any and all criticism and would
appreciate it if anyone can point out any potential problems I may

2-3 lb Pumpkin Flesh

6.6 lb John Bull Amber Malt Extract (Unhopped)
 lb English Crystal Malt
 lb German Wheat Light Malt
 lb American 2-Row Malt

1 oz Mt. Hood Hops
 oz Fuggles/Williamette Hops (Finishing)

1 cu Light Brown Sugar
 cu Molasses
 oz Total Pie Spices
-    Nutmeg
-    Cinnamon
-    Clove
-    Ginger
-    Cardamom
-    All-Spice
 tsp Vanilla

East Coast Ale Yeast

The Goal is to make a strong pumpkin ale with a heavier taste than that
of Smuttynose.  I'm hoping for something in which you can drink more
than 1 or 2 bottles in a night, but that can also pass as a dessert
beer around Thanksgiving.

Cut in half and clean the pumpkin of all seeds and stringy parts.  Bake
Pumpkin in oven for approximately 1 hour at 325, just as though you
were going to make a fresh pumpkin pie.  Scoop out the soft flesh and
puree using a food processor or beaters.

Crush all grains and place in mouslin bag.  Place bag and approximately
 of the pumpkin puree into about 2 gallons of cold water and slowly
heat up to 154.  Let sit for  hour and then remove all pumpkin and

Return to a boil and add in Brown Sugar, Molasses, Malt Extract, and
Mt. Hood Hops, continue boil for about 1 hour.  Add Fuggles/Williamette
Hops (in mouslin bag) and boil for another 15 minutes. Remove finishing
hops and discard.  Add Spices, Vanilla, and remaining pumpkin puree and
boil for approximately 5 minutes.   Cool wort down and combine with 3
gallons of cold water into primary fermentor.

After primary fermentation is completely, transfer into the secondary
fermentor and allow it to mellow for about 2 weeks.  Bottle and again
let it rest for about 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Pumpkin Ale

I would not add any pumpkin to the boil as you will end up with a
starchy beer. Without mashing you might be better off with no pumpkin
at all and just spices...

This past weekend I made a pumpkin porter, all grain. I gelatinized and
mashed about 14 pounds of pumpkin for a 5 gallon batch - tastes very
pumpkiny even before the spices.


Re: Pumpkin Ale
Sounds good to me.  Similar to one I made last year.  I think I would
save all the pumpkin till your end addition.  I think that any "flavor"
you might gain by adding some with the grain will get "boiled" away.
Try it both ways if you have the time/resources and compare the two.
Michael Herrenbruck
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