pumpless wort chilling, full boil extract

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Trying to improve/improvise on a budget.

If you're not going to stir or recirculate the wort, is there any point in
recirculating the cooling water?

Currently I run the garden hose to a coil in an ice bath, then to an
immersion chiller, then out another garden hose into the yard.  Best results
are getting down to about 80F in about 30 minutes.  At that point I'd decant
to a carboy, cover it and put the sucker in the basement for an hour or so
(maybe down to 76-77), then pitch.  I want to get it lower and do it faster.
I was thinking if I _HAD_ to get a pump, I could recirculate an icewater
solution as this would allow for a less expensive pump.  I really don't feel
like manually stiring the wort during the chilling process, so I was
wondering what kind of gain I'd get by just recirculating icewater through
the immersion chiller.

Also, if I made a brine for my icewater solution, will the salt react with
the copper?  Bad idea?


Re: pumpless wort chilling, full boil extract

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I just bought a pump for such a setup.  Haven't tested it yet.  $40
off amazon.

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I'd be more worried about the pump internals.

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