Question about setting up a kegerator

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Hey all,

I just invested in a kegging system, and
made a kegerator out of my old fridge, but the
thing is going to die any day now, and I'm wondering
what would be best in terms of a new kegerator.
I've read mixed reviews about many kegerators...
Are there any exceptional ones that don't need
modifications (i.e., that are built for corny kegs)?  
Or any normal fridges that are ideal to convert?  
I'd like to fit three corny kegs and keep the co2
tank on the outside.  Also, I have one of those
taps that you install in the door. Oh yeah, and I
live in Canada, if that's of any use. Any suggestions/comments
would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Question about setting up a kegerator

The best system I know of for converting into a kegerator is a FREE one
or at
least close to it.  Truly it is whatever fits into your budget
and decor.  I
personally used a refrigerator for 20 years before
changing over to a chest
freezer.  The only reason I changed was
because the fridge died and I had just
inherited the chest freezer
months before.

As with all systems, be careful where you drill.  It is the surest and
way to create a very large paper weight.

Good luck,


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Re: Question about setting up a kegerator

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On the other hand, old fridges/freezers such as you are likely to come
by are typically old and less energy efficient and may add a few
dollars per month to your electric bill while newer, more efficient
models may add a few dollars per year.  A smallish fridge or chest
freezer outfitted with a wooden collar would let Jason re-use his
existing "through the door" faucet/shank assembly.

Nothing against older fridges, I'm in the process of refurbishing an
old commercial four door freezer that I got for free into a beer

Re: Question about setting up a kegerator

I used a Kenmore mini fridge with no ice compartment. I took the shelves
out, put a two tap tower on top and was done. It hold two corny kegs and a
5# tank with reg inside. Also it looks nice and dont take up much room.

Your best bet for three or more kegs would be a chest freezer and you could
keep the co2 tank inside as well.

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Re: Question about setting up a kegerator

I used a free, old, Kenmore mini fridge.  Has the freezer compartment
creates the cold.  With compressor area I can only get two corny
kegs in it and
had to remove the catch tray from the bottom of the
freezer section to make that
happen.  Works great but that is two and
not three kegs.

Once this one dies I am thinking about going full size fridge and
making room
for not only corney kegs but maybe a 16, or 15 depending on
type, gallon
commercial keg.  Some folks just don't go for my high
alched ales and I will
grant during August in Texas a good old watered
down Coor's Light sounds pretty
refreshing during the middle of the

A full sized fridge doesn't take much more room than a mini and can
hold more.
If you don't plan on moving it around much it would be
worth considering.


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