Question on gravity.

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Hi all, Hey am a pretty green home brewer and have done 5 kit batches so
I have a question regarding the gravity.
Everytime I brew a batch and check the starting gravity with the
hydrometer it seems my batches are always 0.010 lower then they should
be. My final gravity readings always seem ok but with a low starting
gravity won't my alchol content be lower?
I'm not adding too much water to the wort, and my local supplier told me
to tst my hydrometer in plain water. It reads 1.000 which I believe is
Any thoughts?
I find it kind of strange that this has happened to all my batches.
I usually start with 3 gallons in my brew pot and after transferring to
the primary fermenter add only enough water to bring it up to 5 gallons.
I have been thinking about adding some corn sugar to the wort when
boiling to increase the sugar levels. Thanks

Re: Question on gravity.
Chris Mares wrote:

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It's all that water evaporating from the wort boil that's causing it.

Re: Question on gravity.
G_cowboy_is_that_a_Gnu_Hurd? wrote:

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Nope...that would mnake the OG higher, not lower.

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: Question on gravity.
Chris Mares wrote:
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I'm still at the "kit beer" level too, so beware my advice.
Just tossing out a wild guess here. If you're using liquid instead of
dry malt extract... Maybe some malt was left in the can? The stuff is
sticky and may not pour out completely. I ladle some of the hot water
from my boiling pot into the malt container to help loosen up the last
drops. Otherwise, I can't see how a little additional corn sugar would
hurt anything. Distilled water should read 1.000, so that's right.

Karl S.
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Re: Question on gravity.
Yes I do the same thing to get all the malt out. I hate to waste it.

Karl S. wrote:

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Re: Question on gravity.
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Have you tried a batch from an other source? Maybe your LHBS is a bit over
rating his kits. How do you mesure your quantities? Try to mesure some water
precisely and mark back the 5 gal. mark on your pail/carboy. I remember when
i was working in land surveying that a contractor argued to us that the
marks we made on concrete where ofset because he meured with a 10$ mesuring
tape and he belived he was more precise on 300' marking his place every 12'
with a pencil then our 20000$ electronic instrument. Also do you correct
your reading acording to temp.? Is your reciepe rated for 5 US gals. and
your mesuring instrument grades for canadian gals?

Lots of thing can make your gravity lower than what it should but instead of
adding corn sugar (it will thin the body of the beer and over 20% can leave
an after taste) i would reduce water quantities
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Re: Question on gravity.

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One assumes you are compensating for temperature with your readings.

The concentrated wort has a much higher SG than the water, so if it
isn't completely mixed before you take a reading the heavier wort will
sink to the bottom of the fermenter.  It takes a lot of rocking to mix
the wort - especially if the vessel has little air space left.

Corn sugar?  Not in my beer, thank you.

Re: Question on gravity.
The different Gallons type could make the difference  and
You could try adding some powdered malt extract in addition to or
instead of some of the suger.
Good luck,
Chris Mares wrote:
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Re: Question on gravity.

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If starting grav is low sugar is low.  Corn sugar works, change the
flavor? Depends on how much sugar and the sensitivity of the palate,
my palate gets desensitized after about 2 good homebrews anyway. To
increase grav you might and a bit of  DME this will probably change
the flavor enough to notice, but who cares, you might find you like it
better.  The advice to mix well, sure sounds solid to me.  Reducing
the water wouldn't be my first choice, probably good advice but I want
all of my five gallons.

Brew on brother!

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