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Hello, I am new to this hobby, not even sure where I'm gonna buy half of
this stuff yet...

Anyway, I have been reading up at www.howtobrew.com and it says I need to
get either 48 12 oz. or 30 22 oz. bottles plus a bottle capper for my first
batch that will hopefully not blow my house up. But I have tons of empty Bud
and Schlitz (don't ask!) 40 oz. bottles uh, lying around under my basement
stairs... is it a no-no to use a bottle this large for bottling, or is it
because the twist-on caps are no good or something? Maybe I need to buy the
smaller bottles because they are already sanitized? Ok I better save other
questions for other posts... thanks!

Ok one more thing I looked in my phone book and it appears the closest home
brew supply store is more than an hour away from me, is there a great online
store for this stuff that anyone can recommend? Thanks again!



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Raddion wrote:
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The size of the bottle is no problem. Nor is reusing bottles. However,
the twist-off type tend not to seal as well as they should. You want the
kind with a smooth lip.

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lots of good spots to shop
and many more for sure

ts only about 45min for me to lhbs but usually shop there 'cause they are a
wealth of info on what works and more importantly what doesn't!!    Lots of
help to a newbie


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Hi there,
You are correct on the "twist off" bottles.  You will need "pop top",
returnable type bottles.  If your local grocery/beer store has them
available you may be able to get the ones that people have already
returned for the cost of the deposit.  Another type of bottle you can
use are Grolsch style bottles.  They have a flip top cap with rubber seals.
As for the online brew supply, try a google search.  They are many.
Look for one that is about 1 shipping day away, generally about as far
away as the state next to yours.  (provided you live in the US) Most
have "starter kits" available.  You can even get new bottles from most
of them. I personally get most of my equipment and recipe kits from
Midwest Supplies, www.midwestsupplies.com , they are in Minnesota.  My
"local" brewshop is about 40 minutes away, but it does help for last
minute stuff.  1 hour isn't that bad, I know people who spend more time
driving to work.
Welcome to the craft,
Michael Herrenbruck
DragonTail Ale

Raddion wrote:
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Re: Quick Question...
Another plug for Midwest :)


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Re: Quick Question...
lol...I suppose my previous post might be taken out of context.  What
I meant, was that I suggest Midwest as well :)

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 21:28:40 GMT, "Andy H. <andys_junk_address at

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Re: Quick Question...
Hey thank you everybody for all your advice I did read every reply and I
gained a lot of knowledge!

I guess I'm gonna start off with a pale ale and then work my way up to a
lager... eventually I hope to brew something similar to oldschool Schlitz!!!

      thanks again


Re: Quick Question...
I do know you can't re-use the screw cap type bottles. At least that's
my experience.

As for your second question I can recommend www.morebeer.com. I buy
from them all the time.

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I've capped many screw-type bottles.  It just takes a lot more care if
you want them to really seal well.

Re: Quick Question...
What's the procedure?  Do you give em an extra twist after capping?

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On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 03:14:35 GMT, "Andy H. <andys_junk_address at

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Absolutely not.  If you can twist them, they're not on right.

First you need a good table-top capper.  A winged capper won't do it.
Then you just have to be very careful then the cap is as far down as
possible.  It's a lot easier to do than to explain.  If you do it
right, slightly over-carbonated beer won't fizz out from under the

The best advice I can give you is to try it until you get it right.
(Try it with warm soda first.  Cap it, then shake it up.  If that
holds, it's probably airtight.)

Or you can just get a good relationship going with a beverage place
and buy their non-twist-off returns for the deposit price.

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Hats off to you for starting off with the online version of How to Brew!
Stores?  I use:

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I'm not sure how accurate my statement is . . . so I'll tell it like I think
it goes, and if there's any discrepancies to my statement - you can correct

A former co-worker of mine has been brewing for many years, and has sparked
my interest in the hobby.

I believe that he told me that he either "bottles" or transfers his batch
into a five gallon wine/champagne dispensing box/bag, and stores in the

I have not seen him in years, and only recently obtained the interest.  Is
there any truth to this method of "bottling"?

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said in alt.beer.home-brewing:

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As long as the "bottle" is food grade, doesn't impart a taste to the
beer and is airtight, you can probably use it.  (Mr. Beer comes with
plastic "beer bottles".)  I use 2 liter soda bottles quite often.
(And the threads on soda bottles match the threads on a "Carbonator",
so you can carbonate the beer after you've poured some.  You can use
it to recarbonate soda too.)

Re: Quick Question...

I'm no expert on brewing but i brewd and drunk just over 1000 bottles (just
started about 4 months ago) and i have been bottling with the twist off
style bottles and so far every bottle has been sealed fine.
I'd say if the the bottles arn't sealing properly then look at your capping
method, there are a whole bunch of diffrent cappers, from those you hit with
a hammer (useless, and frustrating :-)), clamps (o.k but tend to break the
necks of the bottles), and leaver, plunger or whatever you want to call
them, that's what i use they bolt on to a bench, put the beer on the bottom
pull the leaver and your done.

resuing bottles is fine you just need to sanitise them, i just use milton,
but any product for sanitazing baby bottles would be fine, just follow the
instructions on the bottle.


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