Racking 5 gal to 6.5 Gal Carboy

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Plans to rack to secondary either today or tomorrow.

Question?  Is it OK to rack 5 gal brew to 6.5 gal glass carboy?  Of course
the secondary will have an airlock.
Will the headspace in secondary cause issues during the conditioning phase
of the "California Common/Steam Beer"?

Re: Racking 5 gal to 6.5 Gal Carboy


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The problem that would come to mind, is oxidation.  What I would do.
Take precautions against it, don't splat, and once you get the air
lock on, give it a swirl.  This should help expell the air with the
CO2 coming out of solution.

Just guessing....

tom @ www.WorkAtHomePlans.com

Re: Racking 5 gal to 6.5 Gal Carboy

Scott S. wrote on 11/4/2006 9:43 AM:
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No problem. There is another post in rec.crafts.brewing that is
discussing this now. In summary, Oxidation is a fear you shouldn't
bother yourself with. Just try to reduce splashing when transferring to
secondary and you will be fine.

I use a 6.5 for my 5gal batches with no issues.


Re: Racking 5 gal to 6.5 Gal Carboy

I usually primary in a 6.5 then transfer to a 5. The 6.5 allows plenty
of room
for yeast foam (kreusen) when they are really active. Then for
the secondary the
yeast are not doing too much work and don't need the
extra headspace.

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