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Hi All,
Can some one out there tell me how to double hop a brew .
Giving it bitterness with out a high alcohol content.
It is a trend in Australia with mid strenght beers (3.5 % alc/vol) brewed by
the big brewers.

Goday . J.B.

Re: Double Hop .
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Go to : for anything you need to know about hops, specialy section 5.4 aand 5.5.
There is also others links there if it's not enough.
Altair (:-o)>=
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Re: Double Hop .
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If I read your question correctly:
The amount of hops will have no bearing on the resultant alcohol
level. Feel free to throw as many handfuls of hops in your beer as you
like. Alcohol content comes from the amount of fermentable sugars in
beer of which hops provide none.


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