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Go buy the book, "New Complete Joy of Homebrewing" by Charlie Papazian!ORDERID!
It shouldn't cost you more than $15.00 an most large booksotres will either
have it or they will be able to get it easily.  Then begin looking for a
real setup.  I have been told that you can make good beer from the Mr.Beer
et al but it is difficult.  Contact your Local Home Brew Shop (LBHS) or
check one of the online stores such as , , , etc.  A startup
setup should cost you about $50.00 and the initial extract should cost you
about $26.00.

Re: Micro Brewery
I've never SAVED money making my own beer.  I just drink better beer.  I
also drink more beer because I have it around.  Beware homebrewing is a
harsh mistress.  It can get EXPENSIVE and you view all commerical brews as

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Re: Micro Brewery
Ok, we're top-posting on this thread. I can do that.

The few recipe "kit-beers" I've made so far work out to about 50 cents
per 12 oz. bottle of what I'd call good beer, but the price of
grocery-store beer is also about 50 cents per 12 oz. bottle. I'd guess
the all-grain do-it-yourself types can make beer at lower cost though.

Karl S.

Frank Bacon wrote:
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Re: Micro Brewery
I don't know what you are drinking for .50 a bottle but at my market
anything drinkable averages 6-7$ per six pack. for the price of 3 packs I
can brew roughly 2 1/2 cases of good beer. btw I don't consider coors lite
or similar drinkable.
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Re: Micro Brewery
The original post was by a college student wishing to save money. I made
the assumption (perhaps wrongly) that such students are likely to buy
the lowest-cost beer they can find, and posted comparative pricing based
upon the standard grocery-store mega-brewer's barley-pop.

Karl S.

BKBooth wrote:
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Re: Micro Brewery
Yes stay away from Mr. Beer kit get Charlie's book The new complete
joy of home brewing as someone said best for starters. I can find
3gal. Stainless Steel pots with a top at the Dollar Store for $10
around here I'm betting you can too. As for something to put it into
after you have cooked up your wort check local burger joint for a 5gal
plastic pail to start with and soak it in bleach the smell of pickels
will go away lol but the beer never tasted that way, like pickels. A
few odds and ends from your local homebrew store and you are on your
way. You can use PET bottels in a pinch if your low on cash total cost
of start up around $30 and that includes 5# of DME and hops and grain

Re: Micro Brewery
"Thomas T. Veldhouse" wrote:

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I think it's a uniquely Western idea that one has to automatically equate
time with money.  While I'm required to do this at work, engaging in hobbies
creates a completely different mindset.  If you look at it that way (and I
do), I definitely *do* save a lot brewing my own (esp. since I brew
all-grain and often buy grain in bulk).

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Won't argue with you there!


Re: Micro Brewery
I brew because its FUN.
I like the rewards.
I can bring over a few to a friends and share.
Oh yeah it's cheaper to make then to buy, but that is a benefit.


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Re: Micro Brewery

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It's not cheaper to homebrew unless you already buy quality beer.


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