Re: [Oz Craftbrewing] Looking for Programable Digital Thermostat w/short remote probe

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David *** wrote, in a private email:

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Thanks for the response, David.  An additional problem with home
thermostats is that I can't find any that operate in a low enough
range.  They typically stop at 40F, and I thought that for lagering I
need to be able to eventually drop down into the low- to mid-thirties.  
Is 40F/4C cold enough for the _best_ results, or do I need to be able to
go colder.  NOTICE that I said for the BEST results, because if I'm
going to go to all of this trouble, I want to be able to make some
kick-ass beer that I can enter into some competitions, and if it's
lacking in some way, I want it to be because of me and not because of my

Thanks again, and cheers.

Bill Velek

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