Re: Yeast Cake Question

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Yes definitely.
I usually attempt to wash the yeast by letting it settle, then pouring off
the discoloured fluid left, & then topping up with filtered water. Usually I
do this 3, maybe 4 times, before the fluid remains clear after the yeast
re-seetles. Obviously I shake the storage jar after adding water & the whole
process is kept at refrigerated temperatures. My storage jar is lidded, but
not a pressure resistant seal.

I cannot reliably advise you on the life of the yeast culture in these
circumstances, but would expect several weeks as a minimum.  I also do not
know if what I term washing (as above) is necessary or not.
Finally most home-brewers I talk to, about keeping a yeast culture like
this, limit the number of "uses" to 3 or 4.  My best judgement is that so
long as you keep producing a sound brew, free from "off", or other unusual
flavours, keep going.


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