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I sent this email to a friend of mine who is going to introduce me to
the world of beer brewing. I thought I would get the opinion of the
group as well since I am a complete beginner. So please recommend
recipe's to me that you think I would enjoy. Thanks!


I'm trying to put together a list of my favorite beers so I can get an
idea of just what to brew. Here's what I have so far.

1. Warsteiner Premium Dunkel It appears to rate only slightly above average but I really enjoyed this
beer. One of my favorites at the grocery store.

2. Negra Modelo (Dark Beer) Another beer with only mediocre reviews that I really liked, this is my
usual purchase at the mexican restaurants.

3. Black Butte Porter This is probably my favorite beer and at least the people doing the
ratings on that website seem to agree with me on this one :-)

4. Mac and Jack
When visiting my favorite bar, the Depot, I always start with Black
Butte Porter and then follow up with a Mac and Jack. I'm not sure which
kind they server there, but I'm going to check with them tomorrow to
make sure. This one is rated pretty good by the above website.

5. Out of the beers you sent me I liked the Scottish Ale and the Light
Dunkel the best. I have two types that I have not tried yet though. The
others all had very good flavor, but more carbonation than I'm used to.
Does that come from being bottle conditioned and the length of time in
storage? btw, how do you store your beer?

After writing down each one I liked and looking at the reviews I can see
that I favor the darker beers, with little carbonation, and medium to
strong flavors. In fact, the reviewers tended to rate the ones I liked
as somewhat "flat." Each of these also seems to have a light head
although I don't know what that has to do with taste.


Re: recommend beer recipe's for me
here is a website that contains lots of recipes
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Re: recommend beer recipe's for me
BKBooth wrote:
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It also contains a lot of BAD recipes!  Many of them were posted before
they were even brewed.  You have to know enough to recognize what's
wrong with them if you use them.

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: recommend beer recipe's for me
I would suggest starting with a good extract kit to "get your feet wet".  My
favorite is the Northern Brewer Dry Irish Stout.  It's my common standbye
beer now.  Go to and you will see


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