Recreating Strohs?

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I'm just a beer-lover who hasn't tried his hand at home-brewing yet. I
have some questions though I hope some of you can shed some light on.

Stroh's was my favorite American beer in the 70s and 80s. They
subsequently went under, and sold their brand & operations to Pabst.
The taste I had of Stroh's after the Pabst acquisition was nothing
like the experience I'd had before.

Do you folks ever try to reverse-engineer commercial beers? Do the
brewmeisters of subsumed companies ever give out their recipes? Can
they even be reproduced in a home brewery?

The thing I liked about Stroh's was that it was crispy and sweet. The
only other similar domestic brew I've had is Leinenkugel, though they
are still quite different.

Thanks for any info.

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Re: Recreating Strohs?

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Yes, yes, and yes (all indifferent circumstances).  Many companies give
out the ingredient list of their beers, but not always the exact recipe.
Regarding reverse-engineering, there are homebrew books out with many
recipes of all sorts of commercial beers.  Some come very close to the
target and some do not.  Most any can be reproduced at home, however,
some of them would be on the "advanced skills" level of homebrewing,
rather than something a beginner could do.

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You can make a crisp and sweet beer at home.  There are specific
grains and other ingredients that you can add that will add sweetness.
The "crisp" character you mentioned is usually associated with lagers
(which Stroh's was), rather than ales.  Lagers are more time consuming
to make and require extra equipment (coolers/refrigerators/etc), so many
homebrewers don't make lagers (although you can get close in some cases
without all the gear).

So, yes, it would be possible to reproduce "Stroh's" for the most part.
You might even make one that you like better.  However, most homebrewers
would put lagers like Stroh's on the intermediate or slightly advanced
level of homebrewing.  Certainly possible to do, but probably not
while a beginner (tho' I have seen some determined beginners do it).
Ales (milds, stouts, pale, porter, bitter, india ale, etc) are what most
people begin with.


Re: Recreating Strohs?

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