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Hi all.  I am new here, but have a question regarding how to store beer at
around 50 degrees F?  I was looking at wine coolers (cellars), that range
from $150US and up up up.  $150 is doable, but I was wondering if there is
another option that would be cheaper.  It seem refrigerators don't go down
to 50 degrees F.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Refrigeration beer question

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You could get yourself an external thermostat that has a probe that
goes inside the refer. and plugs into the wall.  You plug the refer
into the thermostat and set the refer as cold as you can get it.  When
the refer reaches the temp setting on the on the thermo., it shuts

Hope this helps


Re: Refrigeration beer question
Wow, I never thought of that.  I am going to buy a wine cooler that holds 24
bottles.  I think that will be ok for now. I do have an old fridge that I
could do what you stated to.  That sounds like a good idea.


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Re: Refrigeration beer question

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what does the extra stat achieve?
or am i just drunk?

Re: Refrigeration beer question
Well, you may have been a little drunk although my sentence isn't a good
one.  I could have said.....I do have an old fridge that I could use to do
what you stated that I could to do with. (this sentence stinks to, but you
know what I mean)  Not sure where you got the word stat?  I like the word
stat however, when I need something quickly I tend to tell people I need
that stat.  Sounds like an emergency room or something.  Here is a good
example.....I need a beer STAT.


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Re: Refrigeration beer question
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I guess he meant stat as in Thermostat not as in statistic, unless you may
view the thermostat as a keeper of the statistic of thermal temperature! ;-)
Altair (:-o)>=
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three distinct and reconisable phases... characterised by the questions How
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Re: Refrigeration beer question
Sorry I must be brain dead and I am not even drinking.  The whole thing
behind all this is refrigerators keep things too cold for aging certain
types of beer.  I am looking for a cooler that keeps beer at around 50
degrees F.  It was recommended that I use a external thermostat that has a
probe that goes in the refrigerator and turns on and off the electric to
keep the temp at 50 F.  It is a great idea and I think I will use it when I


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Re: Refrigeration beer question
You know, theoretically it would be possible to bust into the control system
of the fridge and alter it. When you turn the temp selection dial on the
fridge you are probably turning a potentiometer, or variable resistor to a
more or less resistance level. The trick would be to measure the max and min
resistances of the potentiometer. if the max resistance is the warmest
fridge setting all you would need to do was to solder a two cent resistor,
or even another  five cent tuning pot in series with the factory's in order
to effectivly double the highest temperature of the fridge. Keep in mind
though the maximum temperature of the fridge would be the ambient
temperature where it sits; no heating devices are present.

It might be a little more complicated, but I'm pretty sure fridges run on
comparitor circuits with schmitt triggers; I am after all an unemployed
recently graduated electrical engineer. Anyone in the greater Seattle area
want to donate a fridge for the sake of science? I've been searching for the
exact quality unit which fills all my stringent requirements, ie free, for
the last few months.

Optimaly I would like it to be able to be set for between about 40 and 70
Deg F. assuming ambient is above.

Re: Refrigeration beer question
Why not simply turn it to its coldest setting and get a Johnson controller
to control the temp that way?  Simply plug the refridgerator into the
controller and put the thermistor in the refridgerator.  Set the temperature
on the controller.

Tom Veldhouse

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