Sanitize vs Sterilize

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Seems to be some confusion between the 2 terms.  So, in an effort to
clear it up, here are a couple of definitions to keep in mind:

Sanitize - to render sanitary, or free from elements, such as filth or
pathogens, that endanger health.  This does not mean ALL possible
microorganisms, etc, but MOST.  Sanitizing does not remove ALL bacteria,
microorganisms, etc.

Sterilize - to render sterile, or to make free from ALL live bacteria or
other microorganisms.  Kind of a "total kill" of everything.

Something that is sterilized can also be considered sanitary, but
something that is sanitized is not sterile.

In brewing, sanitary is the standard.  In medicine, sterile.

For more, check out

hope this helps,

bob p

Re: Sanitize vs Sterilize

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Close, but not quite right.  Something that is sanitized may not be
sterile, but could be.

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Re: Sanitize vs Sterilize

Perhaps technically.  Something that is sanitized COULD be sterile as
well, but not likely since the whole point was to draw a distinction
between sanitized and sterilized. Something that is sanitized and also
sterile would generally be referenced as sterilized, not sanitized.

Was trying to sharpen the differentiation in degree of cleanliness
between the two, particularly since the post that triggered mine made
reference to English not being his first language.  Good to see your
need to be "right" muddy that up.

Re: Sanitize vs Sterilize

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i speak english
my first language was ga ga.
fortunately i have NEVER figured out what the f*** friends were talking
so i count myself lucky.

sterile, sanitize, the concept is understood.
to some guys sterile means going to the doc and getting a snip snip.

i think i said enuff about clean hands today.

if i say anymore i will just be called a LADY with a fixation.

just a regular guy. okay so i am cute. i will live with my curse.

lets talk something else here

AIR QUALITY (sorry shouting)
when you come home at the end of the day do you smell something?
then you went out and got a deodorant, and figured it is fixed.

the idea garbage in, garbage out seems to ellude some people.

My balcony doors are open wide before i make beer.
My climate is known to go to minus 40, so sometimes i do not make beer.
I like the fresh air so i satrt when the temp is plus 10 celcius.
close to now, actually.
Actually i make my own bread.
sour dough, means a bread made with a live yeast about 7 years old so far.
natural live yeasts have undoubtedly migrated into my sour dough yeast.
i like it.
making both beer and bread is a natural compliment.

someone will get the idea, i am a clean freak.
it took me 20 minutes to find the tea kettle last week.
it was on the counter in front of me.

the word you are searching for is not sanitize or sterilized.
clean is a good word.
wash your hands for 30 seconds or sing the happy birthday song 3 times.

you decide on having wild passionate sex, halfway thru bottling.
please wash your hands after anyway.
where you decide to get sterilized, depends if you really want to shack up
with your buddy for a lifetime.
one sock yellow. one sock purple.
i think i can do better.
dammit he is fun.

wazh your hands

Re: Sanitize vs Sterilize

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Ya make beer, and bread, ya can't be all bad, but what ya been
smoking? ...don't answer!  

Brew on brother!

Re: Sanitize vs Sterilize

hi avery
actually i am a pig
debates of sanitize sterilize go beyond silly.
well i have seen people, scratch their ass and then pick their nose, and i
was so happy they were not going home with me.

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