saving yeast, etc

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hi, just a kit-brewer at this point.
i surmise that i can save some of the yeast "fallout" from one batch to use
in my next (question mark key not working...damn)
do i just keep it in a jar in the fridge and for how long can i keep it

also, any advantage to using sodium metabisulfite for sanitizing, rather
than household bleach
i know i must rinse more with bleach but the warnings on the metabisulfite
packet frighten me, considering that every time i open it a puff of noxious
powder flies in my face!

will get new keyboard

Re: saving yeast, etc

You may keep your yeast preculture some weeks at  + 4C, sure.
You may also use bleach ( no detergent ) but rince carefully, please.


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