Scotch ale recipe - advice for newbie

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I'm a noob home brewer doing extract and grain brewing. I'd like to
do a scotch ale next. Could any of you experienced types tell me if
this looks like a decent recipe for a scotch ale? It's 5 gall
quantities but I will probably scale it down to do 3 galls.

10lbs Light ME (or possibly 50/50 Amber and Light ME?????)

1lb Crystal malt 60-80L
1/4lb choc malt
1/4lb toasted barley

Hops (bittering only)
1.5-2oz Brewer's Gold or Target hops (60min)

Irish ale yeast

Re: Scotch ale recipe - advice for newbie

On Jan 19, 7:38 am, wrote:
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Looks pretty good, the one I have uses 1lb of crystal 90L, opposed to
60-80L, and I'd add 1lb malted wheat to balance, then dry hop with 1/2
oz. Cascade hops, if it were me!

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