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The siphon that came with my brew-kit is kind of a joke.  I wanted to go
buy an
outo siphon but I really didn't feel like driving all the way to
the brew-store.
 So I went to my local hardware and bought a standard
self prime siphon from
them.  I know when looking into putting my own
brew parts together for buckets
it called for "food grade plastic".
Now im willing to bet that this plastic and
rubber siphon is not "food
grade" but I cleaned the hell out of it, and
hopefully it will be fine.
I was curoius if any one else had done anything like
this as well?  By
the time I get any response to this, it will have either had
no affect
on my beer, or ruined it?

Fire away.

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Attention:: grippin762 Re: Siphoning


Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the
standard self prime siphon in an appropriate Binary group
or I could make arrangement (if you were willing) to have it sent to a
friends email account.
I'm interested because I think it would work for a fish pool I'm
working on.  I've be ever so grateful, but I understand if you cannot.

eVe Gee

On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 18:38:02 -0400, grippin762

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Re: Siphoning

If you really want to see this, and are not joking... Here is a URL to
the item
I bought. I got it on sale for $4.99, and it's very close to
where I live -vs-
the 30min one way drive to the Brewstore.  So I went
with this model.  It comes
completely apart and cleans easily.

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Re: Siphoning

I've never used anything like that.  Do you continually pump or does the
siphon take over once its been primed?  Did you notice air bubbles in
your brew during transfer.  
Have you tried any of the options listed here:
Good luck,


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Re: Siphoning

There are small air bubbles realted to the natural head of the beer.
primed it ran all it's own with a very nice flow, even and steady.
I have a clip
that attaches the end of my hose to the side of the
secondary during racking.  I
acutally went out today and bought a
proper siphon.  I was explained the meaning
of "food grade plastic".
Basicly it's a hardened plastic that is non-pourous.
This will keep
small bacteria and natural yeast from contaminating your
plastics, and
your beer.  It was a minor investment.  I bought the other in a
but it seemed to work just fine.

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