Slight brewing mishap this past weekend

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I decided to load up my gear and drive over to my son's house to brew a
couple of batches this past Saturday to help teach how easy if is to bo
all grain (my son's roomate is an extract brewer).

We first brewed 5-gallons of an IPA, which was un-eventful -- no doubt
because I was doing the brewing and showing them what to do.

Then we brewed 5-gallons of an Oatmeal Stout, and I let them do most of
it with my supervision -- but I didn't supervise close enough.

The problem is that I have a _LONG_ bazooka -- 10' of stainless steel
mesh -- which is coiled in the bottom of the tun.  It is loosely
fastened to the drainage hose by merely being pressed together, and
without any sort of a hose clamp.  With perhaps as many as a hundred
batches or more under my belt, I have _never_ pulled the bazooka loose.
  But I failed, perhaps due to the number of beers we consumed, to
caution them about stirring between batch sparges -- that they need to
be careful to not disturb the mesh hose. Well, you can guess what
happened: I wasn't paying close attention while they stirred the mash,
and the first thing that happened is that they managed to make a couple
of loops of the SS Mesh rise to the surface; this meant that a portion
of the 'filter' did not have any grain-bed to help filter the finer
particles. We 'vorlaufed', but I don't think it was as successful as usual.

Next, on the second batch sparge, the SS mesh was pulled loose from the
plastic tube; this had NEVER happened before.  While this could have
been prevented with the use of a clamp, fixing it was easier than I
expected.  We tilted the tun about 30 degrees or so, and I used a spoon
to dig through the grain bed to expose the drain and the end of the SS
tube and reconnected them, and then repositioned the tun and did the
vorlauf all over again.  Didn't seem to be any problems, but I'm anxious
to see how this batch turns out.  I have no regrets in not using a
clamp; first, a clamp would take even more time, but more importantly, I
would not be able to just yank the hose out of the ice chest before
dumping the grain.


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Re: Slight brewing mishap this past weekend


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Has the plastic tube "warped" due to the hot mash? Perhaps the last
centimetre has become "stretched" and cutting off the last 1cm and
forcing the mesh back on will make it tighter.

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Re: Slight brewing mishap this past weekend

Doug Paulley wrote:

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No, nothing has ever happened to the tubing; the grain and sparge water
must be thoroughly stirred when batch sparging, and I failed to caution
my 'students' to be careful when stirring at that end of the tun.  As I
said originally, they stirred up the mesh tube to the point that
portions of it rose to the surface of the mash.

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Re: Slight brewing mishap this past weekend

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I do not use any clamps either, everthing is held together with 'O' rings.
Quick and easy to use and cheap to replace.

Steve W (in Aus)

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